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Second Language Learning Acquisition and Strategies

Educollaborate Episode 1 – Bloom’s Taxonomy

Welcome to Educollaborate, a podcast about teaching and learning languages in Chinese!

Each podcast is based on one of Han Ban’s Standards for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages.

For the first episode we discuss the relevance of Bloom’s Taxonomy for teaching and learning languages.

This topic is tagged with Standard number 5.7.2 –

Standard 5: Second Language Acquistion and Learning Strategies

Standard 5.7: Teachers should understand the importance of learning strategies in L2 development

Basic Concept 5.7.2: Cognitive strategies and metacognitive strategies

Teacher Task

1. Look at tasks a-f below. Match each task to one of Bloom’s/Anderson’s categories.

a. You want your students to write an essay entitled: ‘Compare and contrast two popular sports’. To prepare them for the task, you give your students a mind map about two sports: badminton and basketball and ask the following questions:

1. Which two sports are shown on the mind map?

2. How many players does each team have?

3. Are the sports played inside or outside?

b. You have shown your students a number of examples of TV advertisements and discussed some theory relating to TV advertising. Now you ask them to design an advert for a product of their choice.

c. In groups, your students have been discussing different types of holiday. They have been trying to convince the other people in their group that their holiday style is the best. You now ask them to choose the 3 holidays from the ones they have heard about.

d. You ask your students to compile a list of the similarities and differences between smartphones and computers.

e. Your students are going to listen to an academic lecture about the dynasties in Chinese history. You ask them to make a note of the key features of ancient, imperial and modern dynasties.

f. Your students have read a description of the website-building process. You now ask them to fill in a chart illustrating the process.


a. Understanding

b. Creating

c. Evaluating

d. Analysing

e. Remembering

f. Applying

Further Reading

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