About the Podcast

This project is being launched in order to gain a deeper understanding of teaching and learning Chinese in China, through the medium of a podcast.

It can be assumed that those teaching Chinese and those studying Chinese, coming from very different backgrounds, have different experiences and expectations about learning languages. That said, this project brings together native and non-native speakers of Chinese to discuss (language) learning theory and practice in relation to the Standards for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (Standards) published by the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Chinese Office) in 2007.

The participants and audience will be made up of teachers and highly-motivated students with a strong interest in personal and professional development. It is hoped that the podcast will stimulate an online collaborative dialogue, which will, in turn, invigorate offline motivation and innovation in the classroom.

Once the first podcast series of 10 episodes has ended, both the participants and audience will be invited to an informal meeting to reflect on the value of the project.

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